More and more people are asking questions concerning End Time Events.  “Are we living in the last days?  Will Jesus return soon?  Who will be the Antichrist?”  No one can fully answer all of our questions; however, scripture does give us a great amount of detail concerning the events leading up to the return of Christ and a time period which will follow known as the Tribulation Period.  Though I am by no means an expert on this important subject, I pray that the Lord will use me to help provide valuable information about this important time for mankind.

Here is an End Time Events Chart that will help us to envision the entire sequence of events.
Below is an outline describing many of events of the End Times. Click on the topic to read.
(Note: Permission for reprinting chart or topics may be obtained by emailing:

I.     The Days Before Jesus Returns

A.  Signs in the World

B.  Signs in the Church

C.  Signs in the Nation Israel

II.   The Rapture

A. When will the Rapture take place?

B.  The Bema Seat of Christ

C.  The Marriage of the Lamb

III. The Tribulation Period

A. Rise of the Antichrist and the Years of Peace

B.  The Middle of the Tribulation and the Battle of Gog of Magog

C.  The Great Tribulation

1.  Abomination of Desolation

2.  Mark of the Beast

3.  Plagues and Judgments

4.  Battle of Armageddon

5.  The Second Coming of Jesus

6.  Judgment of the Nations

IV.  The Millennial Kingdom of Christ

A.  Resurrection of the Old Testament Saints

B.   The Lion and the Lamb

C.  Satan bound / Satan Loosed

V.   God’s Final Moments With Sin

A.  Purging of Heaven and Earth

B.  Satan Cast Into the Lake of Fire

C.  Great White Throne of Judgment

VI.  Eternity

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  1. So excited to have brothers and sisters in India! One day we’ll all be together at the throne of King Jesus!

  2. You mentioned you friends / brothers in Japan. But you do have other brothers in India too. I have just read your sermon on “Open doors vs.closed doors” which has been a blessing to me.I’ll study some of your others too.Thanks for helping us from the third world . God bless you and your ministry.

  3. Thank you dear friend in Japan! What a blessing this is to me to know that I have brothers and sisters all around the world!

  4. Please consider writing some ( or a lot) of devotions for the YouVersion Bible app. You have a wonderful gift of teaching through this medium. Nice to have solid food amongst all of the vacuous content in this world. God Bless you, Pastor Terry.

    A follower in Japan

  5. I would like to have the other teaching from the tribulation period, if it is possible.

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