Super Sunday – September 6, 2020




Welcome to another Super Sunday! Today we are going to learn about two brave men who stood for the Lord and did what was right when no one else would. Their names are Joshua and Caleb. We hope you enjoy today’s amazing Superbook Adventure! 


Kid’s Praise and Worship 



Superbook Video 

Joshua and Caleb

Joshua and Caleb (season 4) 

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Family Discussion 

1) What difficult decision did Chris have to make? What did some of his teammates want him to do that he knew was cheating?

2) What did God tell Moses to do before the Israelites entered into the Promised Land?

3) What did the Israelite spies find as they investigated the Promised Land?

  • What amazing thing did they cut down and bring back to Moses and the people?
  • What challenges did they discover that caused some of them to be afraid?

4) What did the unbelieving spies tell the people? How did the people respond to their report?

5) What did Joshua and Caleb tell the people?

6) What punishment did God give to the people who refused to trust and obey Him? What happened to them for the next forty years?

7) What promise did God give to Joshua and Caleb for trusting Him?

8) What lesson did Chris learn from his Superbook adventure?


Activity Sheets 


Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” The word ‘impossible’ refers to our power or ability to do something that will please God. This verse tells us that there is no way to please God other than by faith. Perhaps no passage of Scripture illustrates this better than the story of the twelve spies.  

Read Numbers 13:1-20. According to Deuteronomy 1:22-23, it was not God who initiated the sending out of the spies, but the people. Before the Israelites entered into the Promised Land, they requested spies to be sent out to investigate the land and to bring back a report of what it was like. Why do you think that they wanted these spies to go in and investigate before they entered? What were they saying about their faith in God to do what He had promised?

What are some of the obstacles in your life where you need to have more faith? Let’s make this week a week of faith in God.


Read Numbers 13:21-25. The spies were gone for 40 days and traveled nearly 500 miles. During that time, they saw many amazing things. First, they visited a city called Hebron which was the home of their father Abraham. Then they went to the Valley of Eshcol where they found an abundance of luscious fruit. But that is not all they observed while they were in Canaan. Read Numbers 13:26-29. What else did they see?

God showed them all the opportunities that would be theirs once they began to live in the Promised Land. But He also showed them their obstacles. Why do you think God allowed them to see the obstacles? What was it about them that God was testing?

Is your faith being tested right now? One of the ways to strengthen our faith is to remember the previous times God has helped us. What are some of the ways God has helped you in the past? Make a list of those times and thank God for helping you. If you do, you will be ready to face whatever comes your way. 


Read Numbers 14:1-4. The spies brought back samples of the abundance of the land. But they also brought back an evil report. They told the people that the land was filled with giants who lived in walled cities. Their evil report frightened the people and caused them to turn against God. 

Read Numbers 14:7-9. What did Joshua and Caleb tell the people? Why did they believe that they could conquer the new land? Who would give them the power they would need to defeat their enemies?

The ten unbelieving spies viewed their problems through the lens of their strength. Joshua and Caleb viewed their problems through the lens of God’s strength. Which set of lens are you looking through as you view your problems? I challenge you to try Joshua and Caleb’s approach and see what happens. 


The people rebelled against God and asked to go back to Egypt. Read Numbers 14:11-12. How did God respond to their unbelief? Read Numbers 14:20-23. What punishment did He give them for not trusting Him?

For the next forty years, the people would wander in the wilderness. No one except Joshua and Caleb would ever live in the Promised Land. Read Numbers 14:24. What did God promise Caleb because of his faith?

Read Joshua 14:6-14. Did God keep His promise to Caleb? 


If I had to choose one verse out of this story that best describes how we should respond to our obstacles, it would be Numbers 13:20, “Be of good courage.”

To be of good courage could mean to be strong and courageous. It could also mean to be firm and resolute. But I believe what Moses meant by these words was, “Have faith in God.”   

God does not require us to overcome our obstacles by ourselves. He does not tell us to take on only what we think we alone can handle. Instead, He tells us to have faith in Him. Here are some of the verses on faith that I cling to:

  • Hebrews 11:6 
  • Habakkuk 2:4 
  • 2 Corinthians 5:7  
  • Mark 11:22

I have often wondered why God requires us to live by faith. Life would be so much easier if He would just perform undeniable miracles or speak to us in an audible voice. But for some reason, He doesn’t. Instead, He requires us to walk by faith. Perhaps the reason God requires us to walk by faith is because faith is the highest form of worship. It’s easy for us to sing or to say that God is great, yet not really believe it. It is only when we step out in faith and attempt to do what only God can do that we prove what we believe about Him. 

Has God given you an opporutnity to experience His power and strength? If so, don’t run from it. Instead, have faith in God and watch to see what He will do. 

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