Devotional: ‘Casting All Your Care Upon Him’


Sometimes it’s hard not to worry. When there are issues in life that are pressing down upon us, it’s hard to not let anxiety rule us. Yet God’s Word encourages us to not worry, but instead to place all of our cares upon the Lord.

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”  (1 Peter 5:7)

The Bible does not say, “forget about all your problems.” Nor does the Bible tell us to “pretend that our problems aren’t real.” How could the parent of a sick child forget their child’s illness? Or how could a man, who is unable to adequately provide for his family, live as though he has no concern? Jesus said that our heavenly Father recognizes that our problems are real and that whatever concerns us, concerns Him. (Matthew 6:25-32)

What the Bible does tell us is to not try to handle our problems on our own, but instead, bring them to Him.  What does it mean to cast your care upon the Lord? Literally the phrase means to ‘throw the weight of the burden upon the Lord.’ Rather than trying to shoulder the weight through our own strength, we are to place the weight upon God. We are to let God carry the load.

Another way of expressing this is: we are to trust God to care about our needs and to help us.

Suppose your child came asking for your help, to which you no doubt would readily agree. But suppose also, that after you promised to help your child, they ran to your neighbor and pleaded with them as though they had no one else to care. How would that make you feel? Would it bother you? Would it hurt you? No doubt it would. Though your child may say that they trust you, their actions prove otherwise.

But suppose that after you promised to help your child, they crawled up into your arms and fell asleep. How would that make you feel? I am sure that you would be very pleased and it would cause you to care for them even more.

Dear child of God, are you running or resting? Do you trust in the Lord’s promise to sustain you, or are you still looking for someone else to help?  The Bible tells us to stop worrying and to instead, trust the Lord.

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