Devotional: ‘We Preach Christ Crucified’  


Once there was a church that had 1 Corinthians 1:23 inscribed over its main entrance – ‘WE PREACH CHRIST CRUCIFIED.’ But as time passed by, ivy began to grew up the walls and cover part of the inscription. Soon the plaque said – ‘WE PREACH CHRIST.’

Unaware of what was happening on the outside, inside the body of believers was also undergoing a change. New generations did not like to hear messages about blood and death. Salvation through Jesus alone seem too divisive for many and they preferred to speak of God in terms such as ‘the Father of All Mankind’. Eventually the name Jesus was rarely ever spoken. And all the while, the ivy continued to grow until the inscription simply said, ‘WE PREACH.’

Years passed and the ivy continued to grow. Eventually, all that could be seen of the original engraving was the word – ‘WE.’ No more “PREACH”, no more “CHRIST”, no more “CRUCIFIED”. Both inwardly and outwardly a once powerful church had been become a handful of people meeting in a building that had over its door – “WE”.

That story is a good illustration of what is currently happening to many churches in America. Things are quickly changing and a part of that change is how we as a culture view God, the Bible, Christ and the Cross. Today we are focusing more on being politically correct and inclusive of every religion than on God’s truth. Slowly but surely the words: ‘PREACH’, ‘CHRIST’, and ‘CRUCIFIED’ are being covered up and more and more we are becoming a nation of – ‘WE.’

Yet, we as the followers of Jesus Christ must never forget the admonition of the Apostle Paul.

For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. (1 Corinthians 2:2)

May it always be said of us that WE PREACH CHRIST CRUCIFIED!

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