10 Years of Blogging


Ten years ago today I posted my first blog. I originally started writing daily devotionals in 1994, but at that time I knew nothing about the internet. I’m not sure that I had even heard of the internet back then. Somewhere around 2006 the Lord began stirring in my heart to post my devotionals on the internet. I had heard a little bit about ‘blogging’, but had no idea of how to begin. A young man in our church by the name of Tony introduced me to a site called WordPress and helped me get started. I owe a lot to Tony and if you see him, tell him I said thanks! I would also like to say thanks to a lady by the name of Michelle who helps me with proofing. Some of my older posts have errors and I apologize for that.

Since I first began, I’ve posted over 3,000 devotionals and about 200 sermons. Currently ‘Seeds of Faith’ averages around 250 views per day. Viewers include not only those from the United States, but also from around the world. One of my greatest thrills came a few years ago when a young man from Harlem, New York contacted me and shared how the Lord had used something I had posted to help him grow closer to the Lord.

The most popular devotional I’ve posted is: ‘Natural Man, Spiritual Man, or Carnal Man?’ I originally wrote it in 2009 and even to this day it still averages around 10 to 15 views per day.

One of my goals is to hit the ‘1 million hits’ mark. I know that has no ‘kingdom value’, but it’s just a personal goal I would like to accomplish. Today we’re just a little over 675,000 views and at the current rate it will probably take us about another 2 ½ years to get there.

What matters the most to me is that the Lord is able to use one of these simple devotionals to help you in your Christian walk. If you’re someone who visits this site daily (or even semi-daily), let me say a great big thank-you. If this is your first time to read something off of this site, let me say welcome.

I would love to hear from each of you with a short note concerning how the Lord has used these devotionals or sermons to help you. You may contact me at: pastorterry@twinoaksbapt.org.

Your fellow-servant in Christ

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