What a Blessing This Birthday Has Been!



As many of you know, I turned 60 this birthday. In some ways I dreaded this birthday, but everyone has made it so much fun I think I’ll turn 60 every year!

It all began a week before my birthday. We were having a cookout for our deacons at our house and during the evening Tammy presented me with a cake while everyone sang Happy Birthday.

Then there was the fun we had while on vacation.  First we went to Chattanooga to spend a week with our daughter Cindy and her family. On my birthday there were homemade cupcakes, presents, and a special train ride on the Chattanooga Choo-choo! Of course there was also lots of fun with Hudson and Nora.

Then Tammy and I traveled down to FL to spend a week. We’ve been going to Daytona Beach every year for the last 35 years and it’s become our home away from home. Josh and Amy brought their teens down to attend a camp and we got to keep Pippa and Sully for the week. During the week Amy also surprised me by taking me out on a special date and she and I got to visit Gold’s Gym.

As we returned home I thought that everything was over and time to get back into the routine, but tonight I got another surprise. The folks at church gave me a birthday party and it was lots of fun. I received cards, presents and a t-shirt that says “Older Than Dirt!” Ouch!  Ha! ShirtThere was also a special present from the men of the church. They gave be a double blade axe which they all had signed. As many of you know – we burn wood!

I want to thank everyone for making my birthday so special, but most of I want to thank my lovely wife Tammy. She has done so much to make this a special birthday for me and I love her for it!Tammy and MeFor all those who are younger than me, let me assure you that turning 60 is not so bad after all.








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