Devotional: ‘A Baby’s Cry for Milk’


1 Peter 2:2 Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation…

Whenever someone receives Christ as their Savior, they are often considered to be a ‘babe in Christ.’ Scripture teaches us that salvation is a new-birth experience produced by the Holy Spirit (see John 3:3). Therefore, as our physical life begins in infancy, so does our spiritual life as well.

One of the characteristics of a newborn child is their intense desire for milk. Regardless of where they are at, babies cry out whenever they are hungry. Though a baby’s cry for milk might not always be convenient, we would think that something is terribly wrong if were not hungry. It is only through their intense craving for milk that they are able to receive the nourishment they need to live and to develop.

So it is with the Christian as well. Every child of God should have an intense craving for the milk of God’s Word. It is only through our prayerful study of God’s Word that we are able to receive the spiritual nourishment we need to live and to develop as believers.

Yet sometimes Christians do not crave God’s Word. Sometimes professing Christians just aren’t hungry. Why is this? One reason might be that such an individual is not really a Christian. In His Parable of the Sower, (see Matthew 13:1-9) Jesus referred to seed that fell into shallow ground and though it sprang up quickly, it eventually withered away. Jesus said that it died because its roots failed to go deep into the soil. In other words, there was no depth to their decision. Perhaps the individual got momentarily caught up in their emotions and made a shallow decision. But afterwards, when the sun of reality came out, the plant withered up and died because it lacked substance. Some professing Christians do not desire the things of God because they have never experienced the new-birth.

There’s another reason why Christians sometimes do not desire the Word of God. They are quenching their craving by feasting on other things. Many of you ladies have had the experience of preparing a meal for your family and then find that no one is hungry. As you begin to probe for the reason why they are not hungry, you soon realize that they have already eaten somewhere else or perhaps they have been snacking on candy. Consider what else Peter had to say about our desire for spiritual nourishment. “So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander.” (1 Peter 2:1) The things of this world will spoil our appetite for the things of God.

Thank you for taking the time today to study God’s Word. My prayer is that through these daily devotionals, you will receive the nourishment you need to grow and to develop and to do God’s will.


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