Devotional: ‘Reaching Out to Christ in Faith’


The world has known many great men and women of God. One such person was a man by the name of George Mueller. During his lifetime, Mueller built numerous orphanages and cared for over 10,000 homeless children. Much of Mueller’s great ministry is attributed to his faith in God. He wrote – “If the Lord fails me at this time, it will be the first time.”

Recently I read this about George Mueller –

“At the age of seventy, George Muller began to make great evangelistic tours. During that time he traveled 200,000 miles, preaching in many lands and in several different languages. He frequently spoke to as many as 4,500 or 5,000 persons. Three times he preached throughout the length and breadth of the United States. He continued his missionary or evangelistic tours until he was ninety years of age. It is estimated that during his time in the ministry he spoke to over three million people. And perhaps most amazing of all – all of Mueller’s expenses were provided in answer to his prayers of faith. (

Many years ago I chose Hebrews 11:6 to be my life verse: “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” I did not select that verse because I am a person of great faith. I selected that verse because I know that without faith, I am out of the will of God.

Consider the faith of this suffering woman-

Luke 8:43 A woman suffering from bleeding for 12 years, who had spent all she had on doctors yet could not be healed by any, 44 approached from behind and touched the tassel of His robe. Instantly her bleeding stopped. 45 “Who touched Me?” Jesus asked. When they all denied it, Peter said, “Master, the crowds are hemming You in and pressing against You.” 46 “Somebody did touch Me,” said Jesus. “I know that power has gone out from Me.” 47 When the woman saw that she was discovered, she came trembling and fell down before Him. In the presence of all the people, she declared the reason she had touched Him and how she was instantly cured. 48 “Daughter,” He said to her, “your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

Matthew’s Gospel tells us that she said – “If I can just touch His robe, I’ll be made well!” (Mt 9:21 CSB) I am sure that if you questioned Mueller about his faith, he would not boast about himself or his greatness. He would simply say that he had spent a lifetime of reaching out and touching his Lord’s garment. I pray that you and I will reach out and touch it today.

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