Devotional: ‘In the Middle of a Storm’


Acts 27:1 When the time came, we set sail for Italy. Paul and several other prisoners were placed in the custody of an army officer named Julius, a captain of the Imperial Regiment.

Paul had been accused of trying to corrupt the ways of the Jews and because he was a Roman citizen, he was sent to Rome to appear before Caesar. As the ship made its way across the Mediterranean Sea, a terrible storm came up and threatened to tear the ship apart. But Paul stood up and said –

Acts 27:22 But take courage! None of you will lose your lives, even though the ship will go down. 23 For last night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood beside me, 24 and he said, ‘Don’t be afraid, Paul, for you will surely stand trial before Caesar! What’s more, God in his goodness has granted safety to everyone sailing with you.’ 25 So take courage! For I believe God. It will be just as he said.

Some of the sailors had a hard time believing this religious Jew and determined to take their chances in a lifeboat. But again Paul said to them –

Acts 27:31 31 “You will all die unless the sailors stay aboard.”

Though it may seem strange to say, sometimes the safest place for us to be is in the middle of the storm. Many of the sailors believed that it would be better to jump ship and somehow try on their own to make it to shore, yet Paul told them that unless they stayed aboard the ship, everyone would die. The ship was the safest place to be because the ship was where God had promised to provide.

Each of us will face storms in life. It may be a storm of health, or a storm of finances; yet if the Lord had led us into the storm, then the storm is the safest place to be. The storm is the center of God’s will.

Paul’s courage came from his faith in God. The Lord had told Paul that he would go to Rome and appear before kings and therefore Paul believed that the Lord would provide for him until he accomplished God’s will for his life.

Vs. 25 So take courage! For I believe God. It will be just as he said.

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