Devotional: 'Twin Oaks Picnic!'


Wow! What a great Sunday. We had our Sunday morning service at the lake and then a picnic afterwards. It was great! Of course I was a little worried when I woke up and heard it raining, but the Lord took care of that and everything turned out great!

Today (June 1) marks 6 years that I have been the pastor of Twin Oaks. The church gave us a trip to Billy Graham’s Center at the Cove!  Yeah! Various Sunday School classes and  ministries within our church put together a ‘goodie’ box filled with cards and gifts. David Jeremiah will be at the Cove the first of November. Maybe we can plan a fall get-away. Thanks Twin Oaks family. We love you.

Amy took some pics of the picnic and I’ll try to upload them as I get them. We also took a group pic and I can’t want to see how it turned out.



guitars picnik (2)

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