Someone who did what we all wish we would do


I just arrived back home from attending the funeral of a dear saint of God.  Mrs. Woods died at age 95 and not enough good can be said about her.  She loved people; not just her friends, but whoever God placed in her path.  She was humble.  She loved and knew the Word.  She was full of wisdom.  She was kind.  She was gracious.  She was considerate.  In brief, she did what we all wished that we would do.  A man sitting beside me leaned over and jokingly said, “Do you think that you will ever be like her?”  My reply was, “I’m not sure that I will be like her, even when I reach heaven.”  But sitting there and considering her life made me once again determine to try to do better.  I need to get over myself and live more for the Lord.  Would to God that it could be said of us all, what was said about Mrs. Woods.

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